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Parking at the National Parks Family Attractions and Outdoor Life

The Challenge

A state's national park attempted to enhance the general public's experience with regard to entering the park. They desired a more ecient system of quickly accessing the park by utilizing the state's highway toll transponder. The original vision already led them to invest in physical readers at the park's entry gates, but they needed a way to give the public an uncomplicated and smooth experience. They understood visitors would deter from standing in long queues without the hassle and a preferred contactless point of entry.

The Result

FSG architected a solution that would achieve and exceed the expectations of the park's leadership. A website allowing visitors to register and submit their annual Park Pass payment method included access to their respective states' highway transponder. Once payment was validated, a software bot ingested the information and automatically uploaded it into the parking point of access application to validate proof of entry. The solution not only achieved the desired visitor experience the leadership of the park was hoping for, but it also provided a fully automated solution that removed the need for additional park resources. Additionally, removing added operating costs with a flexible and scalable solution that allowed for ongoing growth.

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