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Campus Parking System Automation

Assigning, organizing, and managing a parking system on a college campus can be a logistical and administrative nightmare. Hundreds to tens of thousands of students and faculty need to request and pay for parking, and to make things more complicated, individuals are added or removed every semester.

Today, many campuses are still relying on a mostly manual system where parking passes are purchased individually and certain parking lots are designated for student, faculty or guest parking. Educators and learners alike jockey for a limited number of spaces. Decisions about how to manage one’s day often revolve around the likelihood of securing a parking space, and strategic moments may be selected to move a vehicle from one location to another or leave campus altogether. Illegal, dangerous, or unauthorized parking can compound the problem.

Automation solutions are now being developed to help schools streamline parking systems, freeing up sta time to focus on higher-level tasks. Here are some proven solutions:

Improved Access

Automation can better define student and faculty access needs across campus parking

options by digesting parking application information such as location and schedule


Better Availability

By having a system readily available to students, faculty and contractors that is always

online, college campuses can increase parking availability through critical times.

Faster Registration

QBR codes allow immediate registration for new parking permit requests, providing

immediate access to parking facilities.

Greater Efficiency

When internal processes are automated, the entire system runs more smoothly and


Pleasant Experience

Pleasant Experience. More secure, contactless and accessibility approach to parking for

students and faculty.

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