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Fall Outs of the New Remote Worker

Most of you have finally set up all your employees with remote access into their daily “in office” working tools (email, applications) along with new adjustments of management with collaboration and video conferencing, hoping to establish some level of normalcy into productivity.

But, there will be an unexpected fall out most organizations will see into the next 30 to 90 days.

This fall out is due to the sudden change of an employee’s routine. Learned behaviors of employees favor the structure of a working location that maintains focus, the disconnection from personal lives, and physical peer to peer interactions.

A few of the underlying alter effects of the new remote worker will lead to:

  • Quality of work

  • Increase duties and responsibilities

  • Unique Exposures to Risks and Securities

  • Adjusted Corporate Policies and Procedures

  • Compromised Standards and Compliances

Companies must prepare and begin to initiate new measures of workforce transformation with tools such as Automation (RPA). Augmenting employee’s productivity with software automation builds on new forms of Standards while maintaining the necessary Compliances. More importantly, employee’s morale improves, promotes skillset growth and overall quality of remote work.

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