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Digitizing Healthcare Services

Process Automation Integrates External Data, Verifies Insurance, and Schedules Patients

Some of the most time-consuming aspects of providing quality healthcare are the most easily automated. As most providers and patients know, paperwork abounds when it comes to healthcare records. Process automation can successfully streamline the integration of multiple external sources of medical records into a single electronic health record; verify bills, claims, and insurance; and manage the never-ending scheduling and rescheduling of appointments and procedures.

Building Electronic Health Records

Process automation solutions can successfully take external medical documents from shared folders, scanned paper documentation, secure emails and electronic fax systems and automatically incorporate that data into a centralized electronic health record for patients.

By investing in such technology, healthcare organizations are quickly reducing or eliminating backlog as well as data entry errors. Besides being more administratively more efficient, automation can help healthcare providers focus more energy and resources on providing high-quality patient care.

Insurance and Claims Verification

It’s a frequent first step in obtaining any level of healthcare: to verify insurance benefits or claim status. As soon as a patient requests care, process automation tools can initiate a verification process to look up benefit levels and insurance coverage automatically.

Once a diagnosis has been made, patients may be required to obtain additional tests, labs or see specialists. The process automation bots could be used to obtain pre-authorization for those follow-up services as well as verifying insurance coverage for additional tests.

Appointment Management

Scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments can take up a great deal of time for the front office staff of any healthcare organization. Process automation technology can help alleviate this time-consuming, manual task by employing artificial intelligence. Automation bots can be programmed to answer incoming calls and managing new appointments by scanning open slots, facilitating patient choice, and confirming the appointment.

To take it a step further, a process automation bot can also initiate standard paperwork, basic labs or any other pre-appointment tasks that must be completed.


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