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Fluid Solutions Group represents the continuous change in the world of technology. Alignment to our customers’ needs with solutions that lead to success. Technology should not change the business, let the business influence innovation. Bridging the gap between business, consumer and generation changes.


Step 0 and 4: Control Services is a structured understanding of an organization's standards of governance, risks, and compliance. Defined as a Step 0 or 4, allows customers to prepare for a company’s security guidelines before jumping into the cloud. Acting as step 4 defines the ongoing security and standards behaviors one must maintain to ensure the controls sets are being applied.


Step 1: CIS is a set of collaboration efforts with clients that may be looking to take their first steps into or expand their existing Cloud environments. From the early cloud years, our experienced team understands the importance of requirement gathering and defining the objectives. The engineering team will execute the detailed plan of architecting, integration and migration to meet those objectives.


Step 2: Now you have successfully transitioned into the cloud. Now what? Cloud Managed Services is designed to address those ongoing daily challenges that still consume your IT staff. CMS is the proactive preventive care of those resources in your hybrid cloud environments. Extending our support resources into your organization will increase platform stability and promote your IT to focus on your business.


Step 3: Cloud platforms are not immune to the over resourcing and runaway workloads that occur over time, the OPEX sprawl effect. The cloud optimization services provide an exhaustive analysis of your existing cloud environment(s), on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud. The analysis breakdowns the consumption resource level, projected cost models, automation scaling and finally business forecasting. Build a framework for the optimal cloud investment to value.


The Hybrid IT is extending your traditional engineering services for your Data Center & Infrastructure Solutions. From virtualizing your data center to setting up VDI/DaaS or simply integrating a new application into the environment. Hybrid IT is simply an extension of your team.


Maintaining a continuous awareness of emerging technologies, patterns of adoption, and organizational transformations. Thinking outside the box and bringing our clients new perspectives on technology solutions.